"Fran's helped us win new business and grow existing businesses not traditionally known for their risk taking. Clients listen to her and creative teams want to do their best work for her. She is the ultimate team player. –-- TOR MYHREN, CCO/President Grey Worldwide
"Fran stood out as a Creative Director with great strategic vision, outstanding design sensibility and a real leader. Clients value Fran's strong POV - always guiding them to embrace big ideas, take risks and think out of the box, which has resulted in award winning, sales driven campaigns."  ---- TARA COSENTINO - SVP, GREY NYC

"Who doesn’t love them some Fran? A wonderful, compassionate human being; an equally wonderful, insightful creative leader; and someone you want on your team, day-in/day-out. Fran is equal parts “creatives’ creative” and “marketers best friend”. Yeah, she’s pretty awesome. I’m a huge fan and if you’re lucky enough to work with her, you will be too."  --- MILAN MARTIN - PRESIDENT, GREY GROUP

"Fran's ability to come up with great ideas is extraordinary. She consistently leads from the front, developing the team around her that comes up with big ideas, then adding gems of her own. She works hard AND smart, and bridges the gap between traditional marketing communications and the digital work that we do quite effortlessly. Watching  Fran in front of the client is amazing; she immediately understands what they are looking for and presents concepts in a way that hits their brief and needs almost always in the first go-round.---- ANDREW SOLMSSEN - MANAGING DIRECTOR, POSSIBLE LA

"I loved working with Fran. She was always ready to sit down with me to talk concepts, strategy, and creative implementations, which helped me grow immensely as a strategist and a writer. She was always ready to hear my opinion, make my ideas better, and collaborate wholly on projects, which positioned our projects for success." ---- KIRAN SAMUELS - STRATEGIST, WE ARE SOCIAL